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On August 7, 2021, the new era of financial payments - HolaPay, was been launched in Korea! 

This global payment platform, which has millions of users worldwide, has been presented to the Korean market, offering a large variety of features that you won’t find anywhere else. 

What makes HolaPay stand out? 

The key to being a successful global payment app is HolaPay’s unique features and the advantages it offers to its users. As a digital wallet with fresh views and ideas, we offer a safe and trustable payment space with strong P2P transaction algorithms and no extra fees. This makes HolaPay a multifunctional platform for everyone. Besides, it has a user-friendly interface, which is the next best thing for our users. 

What’s the vision of HolaPay? 

HolaPay Korea has just been launched, however, we already have a clear vision and ambitions. At HolaPay, we aim to support small and big business owners by offering them an app that helps them transfer any amount of money from and to anywhere in the world. The best thing about HolaPay is that it’s absolutely free, so there are no hidden extra fees. 

As of August, our Korean users can make money transfers using the HolaPay money system - Hola Money. They can also shop online at Hola Stores, or buy things offline all around the world by scanning a QR code. 

In the future, more Hola Stores will be added to the list and help us expand both domestically and internationally.

We are looking forward to growing with our users and subscribers. 

HolaPay has come up with a new Reward Event to help your business fight against Coronavirus. 

It’s not a secret that most small businesses have been severely affected by the economic crisis that occurred because of COVID-19. Millions of businesses all around the world seek financial support to fight it and come out stronger. 

To help businesses overcome their financial difficulties and this difficult period, HolaPay is holding a special event for business owners. 

Receive your 1. 000 USD reward now! 

At HolaPay, we recognize, support, and encourage diversity and embrace the talents and perspectives of all candidates. Right now there are over 80 women employees working at HolaPay and using their unique talents and highly appreciated abilities to help our company grow.

We believe that with our inclusive hiring policy we can create a safe workplace for everyone and support the global movement for women's economic empowerment. 

Here’s Yeva Amun, a Marketing Specialist at HolaPay, sharing her experience: 

“As an employee, HolaPay has been a great joy and experience to me. When I was hired, I was worried about balancing my responsibilities between my work and home life because I’m also a mother. However, the work culture here made my life much easier and happier.” 

HolaPay will continue to prioritize diversity and inclusion to help fight inequality at our workplace by hiring people with diverse backgrounds, talents, and abilities.

Hola Store is constantly expanding and adding new stores. Hundreds of stores have already registered on our platform and the list is still growing. 

The platform now has over 200 stores, selling all kinds of products and goods. Here you can shop online with Hola Money and enjoy the whole experience of quick and effective shopping. 

Integrating your own online or offline store is absolutely free and easy with Hola Store, so both small and big business owners can do it within minutes. 

The best features of Hola Store incldue its easy payment, free promotions in 73 countries, risk-free management, and much more! 

The updated version of the HolaPay App is now available for iOS and Android users. With our newly updated and user-friendly interface and fresh features you can now make worldwide money transactions with just a few clicks. 

You can also integrate your online or offline store and join the large range of Hola Stores and boost your business. 

Download the HolaPay app now! 

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Download on the Google Play    
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Download on the App Store       
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The FAQ page of HolaPay is now ready to help you get the answers to all your questions. By browsing the list of our frequently asked questions, you can easily navigate on both our website and app, as well as learn more about Hola Money, Hola Stores, and the registration process. 

Everything you want to know about HolaPay is now just a page away. 

Go to FAQ 

Easily navigate on the HolaPay website and app with our newly updated user-friendly interface. Our talented and experienced team has improved the quality of our interface and features, to make our users enjoy their experience with HolaPay. 

You can now move around on our platform smoother and without any unnecessary extra steps. Carry out all the actions you need on our platform with just a few clicks. 

HolaPay is making sure to be available everywhere and for everyone. Hence, we’re constantly working on improving and adopting new features and tactics, to make a safer and better connection with our users. 

This time, we’ve added more currencies to our list, so now HolaPay supports different major currencies including USD, AUD, ARS, and KRW. This makes our free global payment platform reach more people and countries. 

True to its word, HolaPay has already started the new era of financial payments.