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Frequently Asked Questions

I entered the wrong money amount, can I cancel my transaction?

In case you entered the wrong information, you can always cancel the transaction if it is still in pending status. After the transaction cancelation, both sides will receive a notification informing about it.

How do I register my business in the Hola Store?

The registration in Hola Store is easy and free. Just fill in the registration form here and once you get a confirmation email, you can officially start operating your business.

Is HolaPay secure to use?

At HolaPay, we take security seriously. With our high-tech security system, you can be sure that all your personal data and transaction information are protected. Additionally, to prevent money laundering, illegal activities and other financial frauds, HolaPay requires users to pass a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification to make sure that no possible risks are involved in any of the financial transactions.

How do I send money to other HolaPay users?

You can send money to other HolaPay users, simply by entering their mobile number and the money amount. 1 Go to the main page and select Direct 2 Enter phone number and money amount 3 Tap Send

How do I receive money using HolaPay?

Other people can send you money only by registering on HolaPay. They need to enter your phone number and select the money amount.

The transaction status appears as failed. What does this mean?

If the transaction status appears as failed, it means that there is either a network issue or other error. If you are experiencing any issues with the transaction, feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

How can I withdraw money from my HolaPay Account?

To withdraw money from HolaPay, simply sell your HolaMoney and get FIAT money to your bank account. Once it's there, you can cash out your money anytime at your nearest bank branch.