What is ‘P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Hola Money Receiving Permission’?
Before you start receiving Hola Money from another HolaPay user, there is one thing to consider. ‘P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Hola Money Receiving Permission’ is the first step in your receiving transaction. The successful permission allows you to receive Hola Money anywhere, anytime.
Why is ‘P2P Hola Money Receiving Permission’ so important for greater protection?

The permission can help reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering and all sorts of criminal activity and selects applicants. HolaPay’s internal examiners will thoroughly evaluate and authorize only qualified applicants and give access to the Hola Money receiving feature.

How to Request ‘P2P Hola Money Receiving Permission’

1 Request for an application form to your email

Please click on below ‘ Request a Permission Form’ button to start your application for P2P Hola Money Receiving Permission by simply providing your email address.

2 Receive an application form

You will receive an email with an application form and a list of required documents from our HolaPay team as soon as possible.

3 Fill-out completely and submit

Submit the completed form and scanned documents by email to [email protected]

4 Evaluation takes up to 7 business days

You will receive your application result via email within 7 business days since your submission.

*Hola Money selling fees (2~3% of your total transaction amount) can be applied depending on a total value per month, country and type of business that the Hola Money transactions occur.